Welcome to Greatpyr.com, the premier Great Pyrenees resource on the Internet. Since 2005, we have provided a valued source of information on the Great Pyrenees dog, also known in other parts of the world also as Le Chien de Montagne des Pyrénées (France) and Pyrenean Mountain Dog (Europe).

This site was developed in 2005 with the intention of providing a solid source of information on this very unique breed. At the time, information on the breed was difficult to find and was scattered throughout the internet, with many related websites being outdated and rarely updated.

One of the primary motives for this website was to create a stronger awareness of the Great Pyrenees breed as well as upfront information on the unique challenges that come with ownership. The Breed is very different from most all other breeds of dogs and as such, most conventional dog training resources are of little value. As a result, many Great Pyrenees ended up in shelters and rescues due in part to a lack of information on potential problems and challenges that come with the breed and owners that were unwilling or incapable of addressing them.

For this reason, once you have fully researched the breed and determined that it is a match for you and your family, we highly recommend that you first look into one of the fantastic Great Pyrenees rescue organizations in your area, where there are right now thousands of Great Pyrenees looking for loving homes. Our Finding your Pyr section will help you locate a rescue organization in your area.

One very important factor was missing from virtually all other websites at the time, that being an interactive feature, the ability to interact with other Great Pyrenees owners. Our interactive discussion forum is the most popular area of the website, with many thousands of regular members participating in related discussions of the breed.

GreatPyr.com contains a wealth of valuable ownership and pre-ownership information including;

Great Pyrenees Dog

Highlands "Danger After Dark", courtesy of Highland Kennels

Our Discussion Forum is a large community of over 5000 past and present owners and is a great place to post your questions and get them answered.

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