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The Great Pyrenees breed standard is an important tool used by breeders and in the show ring. It is a set of pre-determined standards or guidelines that describes the ideal specimen of a particular breed. It is this standard that breeders use to try and perfect their lines. It also aids judges in the show ring who face the difficult task of choosing a winner from several outstanding specimens. The standard describes the ideal traits, characteristics and traits of the Great Pyrenees, both mental and physical. Although it is somewhat rare for any one given dog to adhere 100% to the standard, reputable breeders are constantly striving to come as close to perfection as possible. The breed standards were written by knowledgeable individuals in the breed to help ensure that unique traits and characteristics of the breed are conformed to. To breeders, it is essentially a blueprint to the perfect dog and it can also greatly aid breeder in choosing the puppy out of a litter than will most likely conform the most to the standard. These chosen puppies, although not guaranteed to conform in adulthood, are often the ones chosen as show or breeding stock.

The Great Pyrenees breed standard differs slightly from country to country and are usually established by the dominant kennel clubs of a particular country. The differences sometimes reflect geographical differences that have caused a slight difference in development of the breed, and they also can reflect a particular country's preference over a single aspect of the breed. Breeders will typically adhere to their local standards.

The major world-wide Great Pyrenees standards are the North American Canadian Great Pyrenees Standard (CKC) and the American Great Pyrenees Standard (AKC), as well as the European Pyrenean Mountain Dog Kennel Club Standard (TKC) and the French Chien de Montagne des Pyrenees Fédération Cynologique Internationale (FCI) Standard. A number of other foreign standards exists that are variations of one of the central standards. Click on the country of interest below to view the corresponding breed standard of the Great Pyrenees.

Canadian Standard
(CKC) Canada
American Standard
(AKC) United States
Kennel Club Standard
(TKC) United Kingdom
Fédération Cynologique Internationale Standard
(FCI) France

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