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Thread: Moulting?

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    Default Moulting?

    Hi guys

    Our pyrs have started moulting and one of them has just faded away to half the dog he was! Is this normal??? We contacted our breeder and she said it was "normal". the other pyr is loosing his coat but not to the extent of the other one. The one loosing alot of his coat is younger (by a month or two) than the other and we're wondering why hasn't the older guy lost his? Does it depend on a pyrs coat as to how much the shed during moulting?? The older dog has a wavey coat and seems to be fluffier (cotton wool like) where as the younger dog seems to be like hair (now we've brushed out the old stuff).

    Does this sound normal to any of you guys??


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    well I also have 2 and one is loosing the entire under coat and the other is not. Same age and both females. I started brushing them and huge clumps just started falling out. So I just started taking them out by hand. The clumps are also all over the floor in the kennel. The one even looks smaller now. I have huge piles of fur in the garbage. I hope this is normal.

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    Default The hair comes out... lots of hair

    My dog goes from super puffy HUGE white dog, to looking a lot smaller in the summer. He loses a lot of hair. Their under coat is pretty amazing. Make sure you brush them a lot so it doesn't get matted on the other hair as it is coming out, especially aroun the butt area.

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