When I search through the forum and click on the replies, many of them (maybe about half) have blank replies. You can tell that people posted responses, but they are no longer visible. My own messages do not post either unless I used the trick someone posted about editing the post and clicking "Go Advanced" (not a good long-term solution). I am also seeing many spam threads (selling iphones or something like that) that are making the forums almost unreadable. Also, some of the replies I click on bring up something like this instead of the replies:

Function name must be a string on line 1566 in /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php
#0 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(1021): vB_BbCodeParser->parse_array(Array, 1, 1, 1)
#1 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(542): vB_BbCodeParser->parse_bbcode('[QUOTE=daisycan...', 1, 1, 1)
#2 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_bbcode.php(456): vB_BbCodeParser->do_parse('[QUOTE=daisycan...', 1, 1, 1, 1, true, false, 'on_nl2br', false, 1)
#3 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_postbit.php(1231): vB_BbCodeParser->parse('[QUOTE=daisycan...', 5, '1', false, NULL, NULL, false, 'on_nl2br')
#4 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/includes/class_postbit.php(329): vB_Postbit_Post->parse_bbcode()
#5 /home/risestar/public_html/www.greatpyr.com/forum/showthread.php(1096): vB_Postbit->construct_postbit(Array)
#6 {main}

I'm so sad, as this was my go-to place for information and discussion about pyrs. Are these issues being addressed, or is the forum no longer being maintained?