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    Question 5 Year Old Pyr very shy around kids

    Hello All, We recently adopted a 5 year old great Pry. She was from a home that didnít socialize her too much. So far she has done amazing getting to know our other dog, and our small family. She is a little shy getting to know visitors but comes around within a couple of hours and can get pets and lay next to them.

    We donít have kids, but our niece and nephew come over often. She is very shy around them and doesnít trust them. We had the kids give her treats and that went okay, but she was still very timid. If the kids try and pet her she backs up and snaps at their hands. She has even try to snap at the kids when they run by her not paying attention/looking at her.

    What would anyone suggest we do to help get her socialized with kids and or just move in the right direction?
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