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    Default 5 month old started eating the chickens, advice needed

    New to the forum, thank you for hosting.

    We purchased two male Pyrs at 3.5 months old from a breeder in NM who breeds Great Pyrenees and Alpacas. We have had the dogs since mid July. Up until very recently the dogs were perfect with our cats, ducks, alpacas and chickens.

    With the chickens specifically, the dogs basically demolished part of their outside run perimeter to get into the run to eat scraps we give the chickens and to hang on inside the enclosed run (small opening) becuase of the water misters in there. Up until last week there was no problem and we have even seen the chickens pick food out of the dogs' mouths and the dogs were perfect.

    We were gone last Sunday to Wednesday and the dogs (I think specifically one of them) killed and ate 4 chickens and then another one on thursday or Friday in the early morning.

    I now have the enclosed chicken run blocked from the outside run to keep the birds safe. The dogs show no agreession toward the chickens but clearly they are killing them for some reason. I dont know if they simply killed one by accident when it got out and they were playing with it and now developed a taste for the birds or something else. Otherwise they are very good dogs and very gentle (as gentle as 5 month olds can be) with the kittens, and other animals and people.

    Thank you in advance,

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    I to have chickens that have been free ranging in our yard. I noticed that Murphy our pyr at almost 5 months now wants to chase the chickens. When one finally wouldnt run he picked it up and to play and killed it. Since I now keep the others penned up

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