We have had Stark, our 1 year old GP since he was 10 weeks old. He turned one August 28th. Since the night we brought him home he has just about pooped in his crate every night, no matter how small his crate was(he has an expandable crate). He has never made a noise or a sound to let us know he has to go to the bathroom. He still randomly pees in the house and just recently he peed in his crate for the first time. We always let him out right before we go to bed and we take his food up 2 or more hours before we go to bed. He doesn’t do it every single night but he still does it. I just don’t understand how to get him to stop. Maybe he doesn’t care or mind. He is also scared of loud noises and super skittish. He does very well with my 2 year old terrier mix and put two cats. He is great with my two small children. Also how does one handle the massive amounts of dog hair ������