Latte is 3 years old, and she has suddenly started avoiding our kitchen. It seems to be the refrigerator she is afraid of (this is the only refrigerator we have had since she came to live with us almost 3 years ago). This is a most inconvenient situation, as her food and water are in there, and she has to go through the kitchen to be let out into the back yard.

This fear seems to have come on gradually, as we noticed for the past couple of weeks she has been delaying eating her food for as long as possible. When she finally did eat, she would steal a piece or two of her kibble, then run into the other room to eat it (I have had dogs that did this before, but this is completely new behavior for her). We also noticed that she was drinking very little water from her water bowl. She would wait until she went outside and drink from her back yard water bowl, or else she would try to drink from the toilet (yuck!). But for the past 2 days, she absolutely refuses to go into the kitchen. When I physically pushed her through the kitchen to get to the back door to let her outside, I could tell it was the refrigerator she was avoiding, and she stared at it and trembled as she ran past it. When I let her back inside, she took the path farthest from the refrigerator.

Has anyone experienced anything so unusual with their pyr? Any ideas on how to handle it? I have tried placing treats along a path near the refrigerator, but she still refuses. Could the refrigerator be making a new noise that only she can hear?