Looking for some insight on a situation that has resentlyrisen. We have 3 dogs. An 11Yr old Female ****er Spaniel, an 13YR old Female Chihuahua and the 7Yr old Male Pyr. We have had all of the dogs since puppies. We feed them together and they are all inside and outside dogs so they are around each other pretty much 24/7.

He has shown aggression to dogs outside our home so we do not solcialize him any more. For the last couple months the Pyr inconsistently is showing aggression at the Chihuahua. Seems like about every 3 days they will just be walking by each other and the Pyr will go after the little one. He has not yet hurt her but it is causing quite the commotion.

On the previous times I've jumped up and yelled at the dogs and roughly put the Pyr outside after a verbal scolding. Today when I jumped up he knew immediately that he had done wrong and tried to run from me. I caught him and physically reprimanded him quite roughly.

I told my wife that I think we need to do something different. She suggested that the chihuahua could possibly go stay with her sister in another town and live out her life. It frustrates me because I love and care for both of these dogs and do not feel like the chihuahua should have to be uprooted from our home. Looking for another solution.

Thanks JJ