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    Default 2 Questions about my 6 mo old Pyr

    Hey guys! I just joined this forum tonight. I am the proud Mama of a 6 month old male Pyr named Hootie! He's my baby and SUCH a good boy. I've gotten really lucky. The only real issue I have with him so far is car sickness. I've heard that most Great Pyrenees' experience car sickness up to a year of age. Is this true? Hootie is ok in the car until we get off the highway. Then he throws up. I've tried dramamine, natural oils, not feeding before rides, front seat, back seat, windows open, windows closed, everything. Does anyone have any tips? And does it really go away?

    Another weird thing he does is.... he doesn't pee or poop on walks! Only in the yard! Not that I'm sad I don't have to pick up poop on daily walks lol.. but I do think it's a little weird! It's almost like he doesn't know he's allowed to. This happen to anyone else?

    Otherwise, I am SO in love with my boy. He's been such a blessing!! Thanks in advance for any help!


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    That is a fine looking boy you have there. I am sorry I will be of no help as I have never had a dog that got car sick. HOWEER, my brother has a German Short Haired pointer that gets sick every time he goes anywhere in the car. Nothing they have tried worked, but the last time they took the 25 miles trip out to their lake house, Cookie didn't throw up. She is just a little over a year old. So hopefully your Hootie will out grown it.

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