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    Hi Friends,

    I am grateful to be here. We got our Dolly Sunday a week ago from a guy off a facebook group... He talked about how well behaved she was and the only reason he was getting rid of her was because he had to move. She's 4 months old, potty and crate trained so that's good at least. He wasn't feeding her enough, and she was not UTD on all her shots/flea meds. We have fixed that right up and are going on the recommendations of the vet. I feel like she is getting worse behavior wise instead of better though with the biting furniture and biting us, particularly me instead of my fiance. She gets in these like attack mode moods, and I have cuts, scratches and bruises all over me. I have always been a dog person, and they usually love me or at least the older ones do. I think she thinks she's mastered me. Her biggest issues are the biting, digging/ eating bark in the yard, and today she started plopping down when she knows it's time to go back in the crate. I was late getting back to work because she wouldn't come. We went for a walk, and I think she got hot, and she loves the cool wood floor. I ended up getting her a new toy out to get her in the crate. Lots of posts I have read say to separate yourself or turn your back. Neither work with her- she just goes and finds something else to raise cane with. She's had bully bones, nylabones, tug of war ropes, even a big frozen bone marrow bone at times, and we haven't found our niche just yet... My fiance told me I needed to start gently popping her on the nose for biting and putting her in time out in the crate, but I am struggling to do those things... I am exhausted and stressed..... All I wanted was a puppy now, and now I kind of wish I would've waited until our wedding is over in September... I wouldn't dare re-home her. I know it's a phase, and she will be a wonderful pal eventually. We start training on August 18th, but that's 2 weeks from now.... We've got to get her semi under control before then, or mommy's arms, legs and furniture or sanity quite frankly won't make it another 2 weeks lol.

    Tips/encouragement are highly appreciated. Thanks!

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    Congratulations on your new dog, and thank you for all of the hard and exhausting work youíve been doing to work with her! 4-9 months were the worst with our female Pyrenees... literally ALL of the things youíre describing. She went from cute at sweet puppy at 3 months to a raging terror of energy and mouthiness seemingly overnight, and my husband is just now starting to re-bond with her again (sheís now 20 months)! She destroyed parts of our home and plenty of bodily damage.

    What saved me was the knowledge that in our case and most (including what sounds like yours) is the knowledge that this was not aggression or nastiness, and as you state we knew she would grow into the sweet love bear she is now. She still has those energetic moments but for the most part is exceedingly sweet and gentle. As you state, sheíll get there.

    I donít know for sure, but it sounds like she is not getting enough activity and exercise during the day. Itís not just physical exercise but mental as well. It sounds like you work. Is there an option for Playcare in your community? Is there anyone you can hire to let her run it out a bit during the day? Youíre going to get on training which will be great but mental stimulation is as good or better than physical. Spending 20 minutes 2-3 times per day on training will really help wear her out. Start with the basics and use high value treats. Consider having a treat training belt on you at home, and work in those training times using positive reinforcement. Click image for larger version. 

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