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    Hi all,
    We're new Pyr Puppy owners. Bailey is about 4 1/2 months old. She's a good girl except for a few issues that we don't know what to do about. We take her to work with us because if she is left at home alone I'm afraid she will bark and drive the neighbors nuts. Our last dog (GSD) went to work with us and it was great to have her there. The issue we are having is that Bailey whines non-stop when I leave the room. Basically if she can't see me she whines. Even though she is not alone and her (human)dad is within 5 feet of her. Has anyone had experience with this? Is this normal? How do we get her to stop? Suggestions would be much appreciated!

    Thank you!

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    Sounds exactly like our Artemis - she is super attached to me, even when other family is around if she knows I am in the house and sheís unable to be with me it is NOT ok and she whines until weíre together again.

    You have an incredible work situation for you to bring your large dog with you to work. Iím jealous! But you definitely want her to learn a little more independence. Whatís worked for Artemis is if she has her designated safe place - her crate - and she can retreat there if sheís feeling insecure without Mom. I donít know if you can have that at work? Other thoughts would be letting her stay at a doggy day care 1-2 times per week if sheís fully vaccinated. This may further help with her socialization, help her tolerate being away from you during the day without driving the neighbors nuts

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