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    Default First time pyr owner, first post - our girl needs help

    Hi everyone, I just registered here in hopes to find some help and advice for our baby, Lola. We adopted her from a local humane society about a year and half ago. She is a pyr/lab mixed .She was 3 years old. She will be 5 in July . From what the humane society told us, she had been adopted and returned twice due to behavior and barking and lived in an apartment both times apparently. We've been working with her since adoption and she's come a long way , really well mannered in the house and calm as can be. Loves to nap. About 2 weeks ago we noticed changes in her behaviour. Her tail ( which is constantly raised up and ALWAYS wagging) was more relaxed and hanging down and she was more care free when visitors came over. Then we started noticing her getting a bit clumsy ( tripping over stuff, bumping into furniture) then restlessness and pacing followed. It's at the point now where she sleeps for a couple hours here and there thru the day and paces around the house , running into walls and staring into corners the rest of the time. We've had her to our vet 3 times now, running blood, running urine , physical exams and today finally x Ray's because we've noticed clicking and occasional popping from her left hip. X Ray's confirmed hip dysplasia but still left confused about the total mental state ( lights on but nobodies home). She seems to walk fine and occasionally runs in her current state and responds to her name but that's about it. It's like an entirely different dog now. A couple days before this started we had given her Nexgard Spectra, then we read the reviews on it and found the horror stories. She was took Nexgard last year as well with no issues. I can go into more detail with her blood work and anything else if anyone has questions or suggestions. We don't really know what to do next. Our vet has prescribed a couple days worth of deramaxx to see if the pain relief helps get settle and changes her mental state to a more normal. Again, reading the stories about deramaxx has deterred me from giving her the pills currently. They were prescribed at 1.18mg/kg. She is 33kg, half tabs are 37.5mg. Vet wants to hear from us in a couple days on the results and if nothing changes, refer to a neurologist. We are heart broken and the sudden onset and total change that has occured. We stay up day and night , reading and trying to help her while she paces aimlessly running into walls.
    Hopefully someone can have suggestions for us. We don't want to poison her with NSAIDS for something that is unrelated to her mental state.

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    There are a lot of horror stories out there on the internet. Please know that not all of them are true, and not all of the people who write them have good intentions.

    If you have concerns about Nexgard or deramaxx, the very best person to talk to about those concerns is your vet. With any type of medical intervention, there is going to be risk. Your vet has an understanding of what those risks actually are, and would not prescribe a particular treatment if they did not feel that the potential benefit outweighed the risks. If youíre still spooked by the deramaxx stories after talking to your vet, you can ask to try a different NSAID For her hip dysplasia (Which can be pretty painful for them) - but donít go home and look for scary stuff on the internet about the new med. You can easily drive yourself crazy.

    If your vet wonít have these discussions with you, or if you donít trust them to make decisions based on what is right for Lola, then it is definitely time to find a new vet.

    Just out of curiosity, have you had Lolaís eyes checked? I am not a vet or a neuroscientist or an expert in any way, but the symptoms you describe sound a lot more like what we experienced with a dog we had when I was a kid who developed bilateral cataracts at an early age, than my understanding of the symptoms associated with documented neurological side effects of Nexgard. If you can, get several videos of Lola during different episodes to show to your vet to see what they think. It may also be helpful to keep a detailed journal of her episodes and keep track of the events leading up to an episode, what happened during the episode, where did it start, the time of day it started, what the weather was like, anything different that might have come into the home - as many details as you can think of. That might help you come up with a pattern to help you figure out the cause of her episodes - if Nexgard and other physical conditions are ruled out.

    Please keep us posted on your journey with her
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    100% agree with Sebastianís mom. She is my favorite poster on here, trust what she says.

    First of all, thank you for rescuing this dog. This is an incredible thing for you to do. I suspect that what is happening has nothing to do with her previous ďbehavioral issuesĒ (that sound like were really a consequence of setting not being appropriate for a Pyr), nor of anything you all have done for her.

    I suspect next step will definitely be neurological eval. Agree with addressing any concerns about the prescribed medication including dose with your vet. MRI cervical spine and/or brain may be the appropriate next step, but again that will be up to the vet or is specialist. This is a situation best vetted with the experts, and excellent work on your part pursuing this.

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