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    Default sudden aggression towards one family member

    I have a 7 year old female pyr who was spayed as a puppy. She has always lived with us in the same house and we have had no recent changes to our family situation. Within the last six months she has shown aggression towards my 15 year old son. This is not related to food or toys. It is very unpredictable. He will be sitting on the couch on his phone and she comes right up to him and growls with teeth bared. Yesterday he was at the table doing homework and she barked aggressively and lunged right at him. I was sitting right next to him and jumped up to get between them. She will sometimes follow him until I separate them. This does not happen all the time. There are times when they play fetch and cuddle together with no problem. About 2 years ago my older daughter had a teen boyfriend who visited the house and the dog responded similarly. I thought it was because she did not know him well and was being protective. The dog has no issues with grown men (my husband, father, brothers-in-law). Now I am wondering if it has something to do with teen boys? Could the dog possibly sense puberty and be threatened? I know it sounds silly but I don't know what else to think? Any similar experiences with breed? Any advice? Because now I am worried about leaving them alone together.

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    I can only think of two things and neither one of them is very scientific.

    15 is the average male age for the pheromone Androstenone to be detected by smell. Does that make him a stranger to your dog? Maybe.

    Scent wise dogs also can pick up illnesses in people. Has he had blood work done recently?

    My Pyr, 7yo, only tolerates my husband. He is happy to see him come home from work and will accept pets. But the Pyr has no real use for him and will tell him off randomly for no reason.
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