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    Default How much to feed?

    Hey there!
    I have a Great Pyrenees lab mix whos now almost 19 weeks old and just about 45 lbs. Heís currently getting 4 1/2 cups a day of diamond naturals lamb and rice large breed puppy food. I soak it with warm water and he gets some fish oil in the morning for his coat.
    Is this enough food for him? Iíve seen others saying they should eat 5-7 cups a day. Any help is much appreciated!

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    A lot of people believe because the pyr is a giant breed thus the dogs need to be solidly padded. Medically speaking you want to keep your giant breed pup on the lean side so not to add unnecessary stress on rapidly growing joints and bones.

    You want to focus on your puppy's body condition to see whether the amount you feed is adequate for him. You want to be able to feel the ribs without having to push hard to hunt for them. If you can feel the ribs without being able to clearly feel the indent between each rib, your puppy is in good body condition. If there is only a thin layer of skin without any flesh and you can count each rib easily, you should increase the food.

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