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    Default Advice pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeee 🙏🏻

    ADVICE PLEEEEEEAAASSSEEE. I know this is a long post but 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Just rescued a 2.3 year old Pyr (we think 25% lab) and 95% of the day she is the sweetest/most affectionate/mellow girl in the world but she has a MUCH higher energy level than most Pyrs and canít be left alone in a backyard (where sheís escaped from 3 families). I walk her about a mile at 6:30am, then feed her, then keep her in my bedroom from 8-11:30 (where she is perfectly well behaved), then take her out to pee/shorter walk and back in my bedroom until 3 (where again she is perfectly behaved). At 3:15, Iím back and take her on a LONG walk/hike, usually at least 1.5 hrs, then bring her back and feed her/water. ***Then around 7-8pm I take her on another mile long walk but itís between the afternoon and last walk where she has a 30 minute outburst like sheís possessed. She aggressively tries to bite her tail, paws/scratches at me, whines, shoots around the living room and pushes over a lamp, paces back and forth.***

    Iím doing everything I can to tire her out but I canít tell if she needs EVEN MORE exercise or some form of mental stimulation. She has 2 very durable toys, an antler and a kong (that she doesnít much care for).

    I work and live on a boarding school campus in Asheville with 8 miles of trails and thought that would be enough for her but not sure it is.

    ANY IDEAS on what I could do??? 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

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    In 1.5 hours how many miles do you cover? The thing is if she takes after the lab with higher energy, walking is probably not enough exercise. On the other hand, if the only issue is she's hyper for about 30 minute at around the same time everyday, that seems to be something you can work with. You might want to use that time to do fun obedience, agility, or trick training with lots of praises and treats, then follow that up with taking her somewhere for some open area play, like chase balls or tug with a rope toy.

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    As a human, we don't have the ability to keep up with higher energy dogs. Because of this we train them to do tasks. Maybe look up some videos for teaching tricks. Hide her food like an Easter Egg hunt so that her has to think about it to get it. Brushing sessions are calming. Jacques fav is a hot dog in a two liter soda bottle. He has been getting one of these weekly for 6 years, so he knows not to eat the plastic.

    My dog is not a chewer so Kongs and such are pointless here, BUT......................a soup bone or spare ribs and I have a calm happy dog.
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