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    Default New foster about a year old. Questions

    I havenít been on this board for years. I have two great Pyrenees mix sisters that are almost 7 years old and I now have a one-year-old purebred Foster who I have down in Hilton head with me for the summer. My girls are trained really well to the invisible fence down here so I thought I could train her myself but no such luck she hears the beep but walks right through anyway. I am going to have the Invisible fence trainer come out and make sure that the collar is working properly it has a brand new battery. I did not do the actual shock part when I was trying to train her but she did seem to respond to the beep at the flags when I was shaking them and saying no and pulling her back. But three times she has run right through without even a slight reaction and then back in after chasing deer. Fortunately we have a ton of land and are a mile from the main road and even that road is not busy but still I have to go out with her now she tends to be a wanderer as she was found in the middle of nowhere in the country tangled in Barbwire. Do you think the correction level just needs to be turned up on the collar? It is not something I can do but the Invisible fence people can. I have trimmed down her neck a lot so I know the prongs are making contact. Is it possible that she will not respond to the correction of an invisible fence?

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    Speaking in broad, general terms, invisible fences have the reputation of not being all that effective with livestock Guardian breeds. It could be that your Pyr mix girls take more after their non-Pyr side when it comes to the electric fence, and that’s why they have responded to it.
    All of the Pyr-specific rescue groups I know of require a physical fence for this reason. Still, with Sebastian and a physical fence both in the front and in the back of my house, I have to supervise him and keep the gates locked. He has figured out how to open gate latches and let himself out.
    I have no doubt that an invisible fence would not be able to contain him.
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