Iím a new Great Pyrenees owner. This is my first time caring for a large/giant breed dog. My girl was born to average size parents. Her dad was 150 lbs, her mom was 90 lbs. Sheís kind of big for her age right now (8 weeks, 22.5 lbs); however, based on her parents weights, Iím expecting an adult weight of about 90-100 lbs. When my medium size dog was a puppy, I used the following equation to calculate daily calorie needs:

calories = 70(weight in kg^0.75) x 3

This calculation recommends a lot more food then her bag of food would (which estimates calorie needs based on her anticipated adult weight). Right now Iím feeding based on the calculation, but I know that avoiding over feeding is very important for her joint health. Do you think my current course of action is okay, or should I adjust? She does not appear to be overweight or underweight at this time. You can feel her hip and rib bones, but they donít protrude.

Thanks for your help!