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    Default Training 2mo puppy

    I am not new to training dogs, but new to training Great Pyrenees. He could care less about treats in the context of training. He hates the leash, plops his tush down, constantly pulls to try to get out of it. He’d choke himself if I let him. I have had him a week and he needs to be on lead. I also am having a big issue with him being very mouthy with our family and any attempt at correcting, a variety of different ways, is met with loud barks and more nipping. He is already exhibiting the breed independence street a mile wide. Help!

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    Oof, bless you, this sounds exactly like our Artemis at that age! She’s now 18 months and is incredible with her bite inhibition. She still loves to pull on her leash but we’ve learned some lessons in Pyrenting. Others on the forum are a lot more experienced and can likely give better info.

    First I’d recommend a harness if he’s pulling on a flat buckle collar. When we went to puppy class they recommended a print collar but Artemis just choked herself on it and didn’t seem to feel it. We use Ruffwear harness with an option to clip to the front which seemed to help with her pulling. Others have recommended the Gentle Leader for walks.

    Regarding the treats - keep trying different varieties. What are you using? Try to look for a very high value treat and something he will really love like cheese or chicken for training. Happy Howies have worked well for us but Artemis is also highly food motivated so we never had that issue.

    We played a game called “sweet kisses” for bite inhibition. We’d spread a bit of peanut butter on our hands and let her lick. As soon as she started getting too mouthy we’d calmly pull away and say firmly but calmly “sweet kisses.” When she’d calm down, back to licks and calm soothing praise. This really seemed to help. With this breed trying to dominate them is totally counter productive as you’ve noticed - just riles them up. Puppy classes are great for learning this but not sure how safe it is in your area with COVID-19.

    Definitely DO NOT give up on the training!!!! As he gets older and bigger it will only get tougher. It is exhausting and sometimes very frustrating but try to stay up with the training and with fun training games using positive reinforcement. Recommend Patricia McConnell’s puppy book - she gives great advice and her approach is perfect for this breed.

    At around 14 months Artemis really seemed to calm. Interestingly once we brought a new King Charles Cavalier Spaniel puppy into our home she has really calmed down and is very gentle with the puppy (we just have to be careful she doesn’t run her over when she gets the occasional zoomies or sit on her when they’re cuddling on the Big Barker together). It is an adventure and people are lying if they tell you it’s easy! But 100% worth our sweet loving teddy bear.

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