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    Default Artemis with our new Cav puppy

    I thought we could all use an uplifting story... and when we were first looking at getting a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel I looked all over for info on how they might interact with a Great Pyrenees and all I could find was one cute YouTube video. So I thought Iíd post our story.

    Artemis is now about 16 months old, and I had been interested in a small breed dog as a buddy and also a dog that our 10 year old daughter could play with more easily. Arti is very attached to me - Iím her person - but sometimes indifferent to DH and daughter although always very sweet. She would actually play-attack my husband - never aggression but just to the point that DH couldnít enjoy her the way I can.

    When we brought this 11 week old Cav puppy Artemis was at first very nervous which surprised me - she has always loved other dogs and people. Oh no I thought - what have we done? They quickly warmed to one another and within a day were sniffing all the ways people find horrendous but doggies know is just good manners They are inseparable! Artemis is extremely gentle with her, and puts up with puppy antics that I never imagined even my gentle girl would. Not a single growl or aggressive maneuver. They are NEVER unsupervised, and if Arti gets the zoomies as she still does sometimes we scoop up the little one right away. Artemis shares all her toys freely and is extremely gentle. She is even teaching the puppy some bite inhibition which is nice.

    Now Artemis is so much more gentle - it happened overnight. She lets my husband cuddle and love her and is generally much more relaxed. Iím convinced that itís because she finally has a ďjobĒ to protect the puppy, and itís helped her settle.

    Biggest things Iíd consider about bringing a small breed puppy into a home with a Pyr:
    - do introductions the right way, and thoughtfully - lots of good resources on this.
    - understand your Pyr. That relationship is built on trust, not blind obedience or fear/dominance. That trust has blended into her relationship with the puppy, and if you donít trust your Pyr donít bring something so tiny they could crush them with their paw into your home.
    - NEVER let them play unsupervised - the Pyr can be an incredible babysitter but she has literally almost sat on the baby before on accident. We enjoy loving together on the giant big barker - safe play is good play.
    - plan on tricky walks and mealtimes - the size difference is pretty hilarious.
    - keep in mind if you have an indoor/non-working Pyr - in the most incredible dreamworld a small creature can become their job. Itís happened that way in our household and has been a dream. But you canít count on this!

    We have had such an incredible story and there is so much joy. We are so thankful. But of course if your Pyr has behavioral issues to start a new puppy of course may only make things much worse - and lead to heartbreak. If thinking about a small breed dog to your giant breed, make sure youíre ok with them not just romping on their own together in the backyard - youíre signing up for constant supervision.
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    hat is such a cute puppy. Sounds like they are good for each other and your family. Congrats on your new addition.
    Jerry and Moose

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