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    Default Adding Pyr puppies to our pack

    Hi! We moved to a 5 acre farm last summer, and I have always dreamed of having a pair of Pyrenees if I ever had land like this. I'm looking to buy a male and female pair of puppies from a great breeder I found. I have the space, and proper fencing etc. We will be getting chickens and possibly alpacas and a mini horse in the near future. We have coyotes very close by so the dogs would be working dogs, but also family pets. We have lots of children of all ages. I've owned 3 different Pyrs in the past, but in a neighborhood setting, and one was a house dog. My only concern is that I could have issues in the future as they mature. We have 4 dogs currently, and these puppies would be raised with them. Will they see them as part of their flock to protect? Or will they become aggressive towards them? I don't want any fighting on down the road, especially since I have children that could potentially get in the middle of it. The way our property is set up I could keep the Pyrs separate from the family dogs, but I would rather not. I'd like them to all be able to be together. Anyone have any insight or have a similar situation? Thanks in advance.

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    My Pyr mix is a pet, so I have no first-hand experience with working LGDs. However, over the years, I have heard from those in the working dog community that it can be very difficult to train puppies to guard chickens. A lot of young Pyrs end up in shelters (or worse) because people donít know this before putting puppies in with their poultry unsupervised and are surprised when the puppy plays too rough with one (or more) and kills it. Some breeders do breed dogs with calmer personalities that are more poultry-safe than mine would be (Sebastian would be a disaster). There was a pet dog on the forum not too long ago who came from poultry-guarding lines, and I used to joke that that dog was the Anti-Sebastian.

    It may be worth it to ask if the breeder has any older, proven dogs available, preferably with poultry guarding experience. An older, experienced dog would be helpful in training a young puppy.

    You may also want to consider looking for a poultry-safe working dog through a rescue or rehoming situation. If you are on Facebook, there is a group called Livestock Guardian Dog Rescue Network, which is specifically for rescue and rehoming of proven working dogs. That might give you a better idea of whether or not the dog is suitable for your needs.
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