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    Default New Pyr puppy owner, help!

    Hello everyone! I recently adopted a 16 week old male Pyr puppy. (He was neutered a week ago too) We have had him for a week and he has been really good with our female husky/shepherd and male ACD/Border Collie mix and also our cats. We have been going on nightly walks in our neighborhood after work. He barks a lot at the dogs, I know Pyrs bark and honestly it doesn’t bother me too much we are trying to work on some training. Tonight though he growled at a man who came out of his garage to get in his car. It really took us by surprise because he has never done that before. We are now worried he’s going to be be potentially aggressive towards strangers and my husband is already saying if he keeps it up we have to return him because he’s worried he’s going to bite.

    Background on him is he was found wondering the streets with a rope for a collar. We think he was not socialized at all and is unfortunately late on learning everything puppies should learn early. At she shelter he was sweet with everyone but now that he’s growled at a stranger I am concerned he might become more weary of people and we won’t be able to have people over or go to the puppy classes we wanted to do at petsmart.

    I might be overreacting and we had a planned day at the park on Sunday but now I am concerned he will growl at people. How can I correct or teach him to feel safe around strangers, also tips on controlling his barking?

    Also any Pyr groups in Colorado or recommendations for any trainers in Colorado. We are north east of Denver.

    Thanks for reading!

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    I would think the puppy classes would be good for him as far as dog and human socialization . They can be protective but nipping it in the bud now is your best best

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    I hate to say this but this is common for the breed. It will get worse during the teenage years as they are LGD's and it it their job to protect their fock. This is nothing to do with early socialization.

    If the dog does not see you as the boss, it will take on the job of protector of the family.

    In public, if the dog does not feel as if the human is in charge, it will act up. This is stressful for the dog. When on walks and this behavior happens again, distract. Walk in Home Depot/Lowe's but dont let anyone pet him. IF he starts to act stressed, try saying, "I got this" and keep walking.

    IF you are not crate training, please do so. If you do not feel you can or want to dominate a 120 lbs puppy, it might not be the breed for you. These are very strong willed animals with a bite that can crush your hand.

    If you feel you want to keep her, find a real trainer in your local area. One with Pyr experience. No chain store groups.

    At the end this breed was bred to do a very hard job. They are stunning to look at and always turn heads. They are a lot of work. In my mind, it is worth it. My Jacques is 7 and I have absolutely love him. He snarls about stuff, and would love to eat the Boston Terrier next door, and I wouldn't want him any other way.
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