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    Default Introducing an elderly Pyr to his new human sister - tips?

    3.5 years ago we rescued an older Pyrenees. He is an awesome dog, now 12 years old, and a huge part of the family. On Friday, we will be bringing home a baby girl for him to guard.

    We have been changing his routine over the past 2 months, and giving him less attention over the past 3 weeks, and having our parents bring him blankets that smell like baby girl since the day she was born. He is also a typical Pyr, very very submissive around/to children while at the same time extremely alert to any potential threats to them.

    But we are wondering how we should do the actual introduction. Any tips, recommendations, warnings, or anecdotes to share about introducing this breed to babies? Especially at an older age?

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    Sorry I am so late to this. Congratulations on the new addition to your family! I hope the introductions went well!
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