Hey all. I've been reading some of the different threads on here but am still looking for some additional input/advice. My husband and I currently have a 10 yo male Sheltie mix (Cooper) and a 1.5 yo female Great Pyrenees (Penny) that we adopted last year. We absolutely love Pyrs and have been looking into adopting another. Cooper is definitely the boss around our house, but gets along with pretty much every other dog he's ever met. Penny is our big baby, she's super docile and submissive, also gets along wonderfully with every other dog she's ever met, including our friend's female GP mix. Cooper is getting a little older and less playful, and we feel like Penny would really benefit from having another playmate. We recently fostered a ~2 yo male shepherd mix that was ~60 lbs, and she was totally in love with him. He left our home last week, and I feel like she's really missing him. We were initially looking to adopt a male Pyrenees puppy, because I had heard that having 2 females can be an issue. However, I've also heard that the males can be very dominant and might cause an issue with our older male dog, Cooper, and we've been having a hard time finding a male that is available to adopt. My friend has a Pyrenees farm dog that just had a litter and there are 3 females available to adopt. I'm just wondering if it might be ok to take in another female? I've read that since our Penny is so docile and submissive that it might be fine as she would not be likely to fight for dominance with another female. I'm also hoping that if we raise a second female up from <10 wks old that they may kind of grow up together & that the new puppy would learn her place in our pack, so there hopefully wouldn't be issues. Anyway, I just don't want to do anything that would hurt either of our current dogs in the long run, so we're torn between taking one of these female puppies or if we should just keep our eyes out for a male to become available.

Any feedback and/or advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!