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    Default How to earn a Pyr's trust back

    So my dad pulled my Pyr's tail. He is an old farmer who has had many dogs that are not pyrs in his life. Yes of course you should never ever pull a dog's tail and I think my dad understands this now. My dad has been doing research about the breed since he realized he should not pull a dog's tail and really wants to earn back my Pyrs trust.

    My Pyr, named Koda (2 year old male), is not scared or aggressive towards my dad. He allows my dad to pat him sometimes. He just does not trust my dad. When Koda sees my dad in a room he has to constantly be facing my dad looking at him from a distance and will not let my dad's hands anywhere near him 90% of the time.

    My dad understands the gravity of his mistake and he feels really bad about it, this experience has really opened his eyes to positive training.

    Does anyone have suggestions on how my dad can work to earn Koda's trust back?

    We have tried having him feed Koda his favourite treats, we have tried praising Koda when my dad is nearby. We have tried having my dad feed Koda his food. We have been working on this for maybe a month now.

    I have consistently used positive reinforcement training with Koda since he was a puppy and he is generally a happy and good boy.

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    Earning trust takes time, a month is very short. Have your dad offer Koda the highest value treats, and make those highest value treats only your dad can give. Continue to have your dad feed Koda his meals. One very important thing is not to try too hard. When humans try to connect with animals we often end up forcing affection which usually backfires. When your dad offers Koda treats and meals, he should do it in a low key manner, make sure he doesn't have direct eye contact with Koda. He should not try to reach out or touch Koda for the time being. If you see that Koda is looking at your dad from another side of the room, have your dad turn his face sideways to Koda and then make an exaggerated yawn so that Koda can see him yawn. Yawning is a peace gesture in dog language. Sounds strange and ridiculous to a human, but it works. I've used that on a number of dogs. Try the yawning a couple of times and continue with the low key bonding. Give it 3 month and see how things go.

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