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    Bailee, our 16 mo. old Pyr, is a remarkable girl- loving, gentle, and smart as a whip. She can also be stubbornly contrary at times, which gets really frustrating. This is especially true when we walk her on leash to do her duties. She will always let us know when she has to go out for a duty walk by slinging the hanging leash over her head and neck and then stare at us and blink her eyes. We take her out, walk around, and all she does is sniff and sniff and sniff and sniff and then maybe pee. However, it takes her FOREVER to find "the perfect" spot to poop and often we just give up and take her back inside. Two days ago I took her out, walked her around, and because it was rainy and cold and she wasn't doing anything, I took her back inside. I took our other dog out to do his business (which was not more than a couple of minutes since he hates puddles and rain) and when I came back inside I wasn't greeted with several HUGE piles of poop in our entry. I am at a loss as to how to get her to go when she is telling us she has to. I have treated her, tell her to go poo poo (which she understands), and try to take her to the same spot everyday. Anyone have any ideas? Off leash walking is not an option. We are full time RVers living in an RV park so leashes are a must. Is all the sniffing at every little thing a normal Pyr behavior? If so, guess we'll just have to deal with it. Just wondering.
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    I think most of us have been "there" before... it's pretty normal behavior, frustrating tho it is! I have had this "issue" with my Wiley. It will be pouring rain, and the more I try to hurry him up, the pokier he gets. He is a creature of habit. Rarely poops in the yard unless it's an emergency or very late at night... always wants to go for a walk, & seems to poop as far away from the house as he can get. If I'm in a hurry & cut his walk short, I usually "pay the price" later. I wish I had some useful tips for you, but I'm fighting the same battle.

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