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    Default Princess Jewel is doing Much BVetter

    It was about 3 months ago that Princess Jewel had that stroke. Her right rear leg was so weak she fell all the time. The corners of her mouth drooped and she drooled all the time, long stings of drool, sometimes with food in aftr she ate. We kept rolls of paper towels, handkerchiefs, etc everywhere in the house. She actually had to be helped in and out of the house----just on e little step down from the house onto the patio but her right rear leg would catch.

    Well, first of all her leg got much better and she seldom fell. Then the drool stopped and it has been almost a month since w had to wipe her mouth. She can not get on the sofa and 2 of our 3 beds. The 3rd bed is a few inches higher and she can't manage it. He leg is still a little weak and probably always will be, but it is a joy seeing her gt on the sofa or bed at will.
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    so glad to hear she's doing so much better!

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