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    Default Time to brag about Bear!

    Bear is about to be 8 months, and is such a joy to be around. We recently had a difficult circumstance come up that showed me even more about what a good boy he is!

    I work full time. My husband Roger is on disability and stays home with Bear all day. Roger wasn't feeling well since Christmas with what I thought was the flu. Last week, as I was talking with him during my lunch hour, he wasn't acting right. He was drowsy and just couldn't seem to wake up like he should have. I left work and rushed home. I took Bear out to pee and poop real quick, then loaded my husband into the car and took him to the hospital. It turns out that he had a very serious pneumonia and his oxygen levels were very low. By the time I got him admitted to the hospital and drove home, Bear had been by himself in his "bedroom" (i.e., the hallway) for about 12 hours. He didn't have any accidents!!! He was sure happy to see me and get outside, though.

    Due to the difficult circumstance with Roger in the hospital and me at work, Bear spent about 10 to 11 hours by himself in his bedroom for the next 6 days. I worried about both Roger and Bear constantly through the day, but didn't have a choice. He never had one accident.

    We are now remedying the situation in case an emergency like this ever comes up again. Until now, Roger and I were the only ones who walked Bear. Now we are having him get used to Roger's grown daughter coming over to walk him occasionally.

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    Hope your husband feels better soon and Bear seems like a very good boy My Winter is 8.5 months old and she sometimes have an accident at home so this is def something to brag about.

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