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    Default Question about lack of double dew claws in purebred puppy

    I'm currently bottle feeding a 2 week old GP pup whose mom abandoned. We were going to take him once he was ready, but they asked if we would take him sooner to help out since they had a total of 4 pups they now had to bottle feed.

    Things are going great with him, but I realized he doesn't have double dew claws. I'm friends with the breeder, and I know he's a full blooded GP. Both of his parents have the double dew claws, and I have his full blooded sister who has double dew claws.

    Is it a possibility the other one isn't grown in yet? Or is he just a lower "quality" GP? It doesn't matter to me, I love him and the breed regardless. Was just curious.
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    Puppies are born with their double dew claws or they are not. The double dews do not grow in later.

    Ok, so, if the parents descended from working LGDs for many generations, unless breedings have been meticulous documented and recorded, there is really no way to confirm that either parent is in fact purebred pyr. It is very common for ranchers to use different breeds of LGDs and at least 2 other LGD breeds are all white and look very much like pyrs. In those breeds, double dewclaws are not required in breed standards. Therefore, notwithstanding the parents may each have double dewclaws, it is possible they may have been mixed with other LGD breeds along the way and as a result some of the puppies are without double dews.

    On the other hand, purebred pyrs can be born without double dewclaws. It is a serious breed fault but a lot of people continue to mate dogs that are known to throw pups without double dews, thus resulting in more pups without the double dews.

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