We have a Great Pyr that is a little over 1 years old now. He is a little midget, only weighing in at around 60-70. We aren't sad about this, it was our first puppy. I have no problem with my puppy roaming, we have a little over an acre and he knows his boundaries very well. Even when there are deer on the property, he will chase them off and then stop at the boundary. He gets lots of exercise as we have a Belgian Malinois whose energy is LITERALLY never ending, they spend a lot of time sprinting back and forth in our yard and we have a decent sized fenced in dog park half a mile down the road. The only real problem we have is that our Pyr will sprint to the back of our property and bark constantly at the neighbors house or a dog down the way. I know Great Pyr are not known for their "come back" ability, but I feel bad for our neighbors having to deal with this. Is there anyway to help stop this. I do not want to stop him from roaming and protecting his territory, as this is part of the breed, I just want him to not spend 30 minutes barking at the back of our property while our neighbors are minding their own business sitting in their house. Would taking him over and having play time/introducing them more correctly help? Picture attached of our good boys. Click image for larger version. 

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