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    Default Update On Princess Jwel & Stroke

    Princess Jewel had a stoke . It has been 2 1/2 months since months she had her stroke. It was awful seeing her like she was. Her right rear leg was next to useless and she would fall over, especially when she turned either direction. When she would want outside her leg would not clear the doorway to step down 4" from house to patio. Her leg would catch and she would end up sitting down with her leg stetched behind her. I was scared she would break it and we helped her out and in each time--her leg would hang up when she went to come in. She had loved to get on the beds and sofa but she only tried once or twice and fell both times, so stopped trying.

    Her lips drooped at the corners and she would have strings of drool all the time and was always licking her lips. We kept rolls of paper towels all ovr the hous to clean her mouth. When she went out to lay in the sun she woudl come in with her chest all wet from the drool. Also her left eye went goofy and her 3rd eyelid covered most of her eye most of the time. I had drops from the the vet to put in her eye. It was heart breaking seeing her like that. She had been a show dog before we adopted her last Feb.and she is so gentle and loving. She barks very little for a Pyr She loves her toys, especially her stuff terry cloth truck. She is 10 1/2 years old, turned 10 on June 28. I was sick thinking that she would spend the rest of her life like this, unable to run or go in and out without help, falling.. Sh was so good about having her mouth cleaned, in fact seem to enjoy having it cleaned so that was no problem. She never moved when I put the drops in her eye. But it just broke my heart knowing she like to run out and chase the feral cats off and she couldn't even get out the door without our help. No more walks, nothing.

    But today she is SOOOO much better. Her leg is still a little weak but she can get on the beds and sofa at will, and we rarely have to clean her mouth and her lips are just about back in place. Her 3rd eyelid shows a little from time to time and I put drops in that eye. And she runs out the door and into the yard when she knows a cat is out there. Her gait is a little funny, but she can run.

    I have had many many dogs in my 74 years, going all the way back to my first in '57 when I was 11, and never had a dog have a stroke. My golden girl had seizures after getting bravecto, and she was the only dog I ever had that had seizures. They were horrible, but didn't last long. The effects of the stroke drug on for weeks. When my Dad had a stroke we were that stimulation was the best therapy for him. So we talked and joked, had crowds around him. So I tried a little of this on her. I brushed a lot more than needed and talked to her and gave her ear rubs all the time. She looks at us when we talk as tho she understands us, tho I know she doesn't. And rides in thee car that she loves. And she loves to eat so I started feeding her 3 times a day. For breakfast I cook 1/3 of a recipe of oats with a tablespoon of organic coconut oil in it. When cooked I add a tablespoon of honey and some 2% milk. She LOVES her morning oatmenl. Then late afternoon a cup & half kibble with some human food in it--stew that I made for her, chicken I cooked for her, turkey. Not a lotof food. Then about 9:30, 1/2 can of good dog food. I cannot say any of these hlep, but she is so much better. If your dog has a stroke, do not cry or act sad as thy pick up on it. Be cheerful and pay as much attention as possible and do anything with your dog that he/she can do. If they love to eat, make 3 small meals insead of 2 larger ones. just little things. They like to ride, take them for rides even if just around the block. Everything to stimulate them.

    This is Princess Jewel last week after she got up on a bed in spare bedroom and was all stret hed outon her back. Two and half months ago she couldn't even begin to get on it....would have fallen. I know pictures of dogs on furniture is not speical...except this one is tome because it shows the improvment our old gal has made.A littl while ago she was on her back on the sofa.
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