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ID:	10357Last week was ROUGH around here. Jerry had day back surgery a week ago last Friday. He could not bend nor lift anything, could not drive, but basically his back didn't hurt as much the day after surgery as it did th day before surgery (2 compress fractures repaired with bone cement and wast the doc described as "bone molly bolts This was done on Friday and I was in that refrigerator they call a hospital from 5:30 in the morning and 3:30 in the afternoon
Sunday afternoon I was not feeling wll and only managed a few bits of stew that night. I didn't keep anything down on on or Tuesday and only some Gatorade and about 6 triscuits on Wed. Thursday, no trouble keeping down the gatorade an ate a grilled cheese. By Fiday I ate a ham sandwich for lunch and most of a BLT that night, and by Saturday eating anything I wanted. HOWEVER I was so darn weak I would go from the bedroom to the living room, have to sit down and rest before going on into the kitchen.

Those first days I mostly jut laid on sofa and slept. Princess Jewel laid right beside me, occasionally putting her head on me, but she was not giving me the Pyr Paw for attention. When I would go to ed, she slept as close to the bed next to me as she could get, even her head under it sometimes. That girl knew I was really sick. I have owned a lot of dogs in my life--English setters, Irish Setters, goldens, and 3 pyrs and never have Ihad one so attentive to me when I was sick as this girl is. She is amazing.

She had that stroke about 2 month ago and her leg is so much better. She doesn't fall any more and can even git on the bed, and got on the sofa m lat week when I was so sick. We ha not seen her get on sofa in months.She still has the drooling problem and we keep rolls of paper towels by our recliners ans sofa in the livingroom, in bedroom, etc. Also her eye is still messed up and may never be normal again.

This picture was taken about 2 weeks ago. It was COLD for this time of year down here and we wre going to have weekend company. So I was changing sheets and putting flannel ones on. She took advantage of me leaving that room and made herself comfy. We let hr stay til she wanted to get down. My nurse, Princess Jewel, age 10 years 5 moths