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    Default Bad boy Boo attacks Zeus!

    I have 5 dogs. 3 pyrs, one an older female and one male that we rescued as puppy , now 2 years, and a recent rescue this August., a rather large 3? Year male. Recently I went on a work trip. Took my Bernese/ Newfoundland with me. My dogsitter was a no show. My vet took the new Pyr named Zeus, and farm caretaker took care of other 3 dogs. My husband came home after one week. Picked up Zeus from vet. As soon as Zeus went out in dog yard with other dogs, small 2 yr Pyr ( Bad BoyBoo) started attacking Zeus. It is totally unprovoked. I returned after two weeks to find this To be a continuing problem. Before I left, All dogs got along great. Now separated. What do I do?

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    I'm so sorry to hear about this. I wonder since he came and went away if that wasn't too much stress for him and he's doing it out of fear?
    We dealt with fear aggression for awhile with ours. Once he felt safe he stopped attacking our other dog, but I won't lie my original dog now has a lot of issues from being attacked and can no longer be trusted around other dogs, but the pyr is now a perfect gentleman around other dogs. Go figure!
    For us learning dog language and learning the signs was enough for us to stop the attack before they happened but we had to do a lot of separation and only being together when both of us was able to stop a fight.

    I'm nowhere an expert so hope others Chime in

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