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    Default Oddball the Movie

    I'm a member of Amazon Prime, so I can watch lots of videos for free over there -- it's a lot like Netflix, but with a different selection of films and TV shows. Anyway, I stumbled across one video today and paused because the video's photo had pic of a dog that looked just like my Charlie. I ended up watching the film. It's a cute, family friendly show, made in Australia, and it's about a dog called Oddball who becomes a protector to a flock of penguins from local foxes that were decimating the bird population. The movie has a predictably happy ending and I didn't realize until the end that it's actually based on a true story. They listed a web page at the end of the flick, so I went to visit it to find out more about the dogs in the movie. Turns out that, even though they appear to be dead ringers for Great Pyrs, they're an Italian breed, called Maremma. I know some of you are familiar with the breed because I did a search here and got lots of hits.

    But still, if you didn't know those were Maremmas in the movie, you'd swear they were GPs. Well, I would, at any rate. Obviously two very closely related breeds. The star of the show known as Oddball really reminds me of Charlie in his behavior and just general mannerisms. At one point in the film, he gets out of his owner's fence and takes off in a dead run toward mischief. Now that really reminded me of Charlie. When he escapes the confines of our roomy back yard, he is gone and it becomes a major ordeal corralling him and getting him back home.

    So anyway, I can highly recommend this movie. If you don't have an Amazon Prime membership, the movie is available to rent or purchase. And while I'm on the topic, are there any films you can think of in which a Great Pyr has a starring role?

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    Funny how your posted this today. I was just reading earlier about the retirement of Tula at age 10, one of the maremmas who worked to protect those penguins for 8 years.

    Maremmas look pretty much just like the pyrs. Except they have a difference tail carriage and no double dews required.

    Belle and Sebastian is the most famous one with a pyr.

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    I post Trivia questions on facebook each day and people get a kick out of trying to answer them. Normally they fall into categories of Geography,, History, Movies, Tv, Commercials, Odds & Ends, Animals, etc. I do 4 each day and say one day I do one Geography question, one movie question, one song question, one joke, and then I post a picture of an animal, old time, pictures of famous people when they were young (like John Wayne, Joan Crawford, Queen Elizabeth, etc and items like first sewig machine, or a plow blade, etc. Anyway, I came across the store of the dogs being put on the island to protect the penguins. I think the population had reached about 10 or so, and none have ben killed since being protected. By the way I looked up Halloweeen Trivia questions and answers, and Halloween Jokes and got enough to do a month of 2 qustions and 2 jokes a day, so been doing them all this month. I have alrady done the jokes and triva for Thanksgiving. I am still posting pictues of people, animsl, ites. Today it was a Banana spider.
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