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    Default Overexcited at strangers

    Yeti is a 15 month old rescue. We got him at 9 months. He is a lover, very gentle, never aggressive, without many of the typical negative Pyr traits. Two behaviors, however, are getting hard to take; 1) contrariness and 2) goes out of control when meeting people or other dogs while walking (on leash).
    He has been to obedience school twice. He walks on a loose leash very well (sniffs at everything). However, if we meet another walker or jogger (with or without a dog), he often goes nuts (not always - varies with the person/dog in question). Holding him back is a real fight. He'll twist and jump with all 4 paws off the ground, to the point sometimes he'll fall on his side. I use a Martingale collar. He wants to greet them, or play. It is not aggression. Same jumping/excitement with visitors, although that also varies depending on the calmness or excitement level of the visitor. There's no distracting him.

    Re. the contrariness, I'm not sure obedience school didn't enable some of that. They did everything using treats. Everything. Now he is reluctant to respond without an enticement; e.g. after playing in the yard and he's tired, he walks over and stands by the patio door waiting to be let in. When the door is opened, however, he stands and looks at you. No treat? He'll turn and walk away. Leaving him outside for a few minutes, he'll eventually come back and the second time the door is opened he'll reluctantly walk in...without a treat. I would like to think he will eventually be more amenable without bribes.

    I'm hoping my patience lasts until he's 18 months old, when hopefully things will start to change. Any suggestions would really be appreciated. As I said earlier, he is a lover and cuddler, and we're fortunate he has no other 'bad' traits.

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    Pyr's are not wired to listen to commands like other breeds. Thus, you have to make it worth their while to get them to obey. The reason you are still having to depend on treats is because the training hasn't taken root. It takes a lot of repetition for a dog to get a command down and be willing to obey it when asked. This is even harder with a pyr. I would suggest that you might modify your perception of a treat. I don't considering it a "bribe", which carries with it a negative connotation. Rather, look at it this way, humans go to work for compensation in return. Most of us do not consider our salary a bribe. Same thing with pyrs. If you ask them to obey the commands you give, they want to be compensated for it.

    With respect to the excitement issue, it may be a phase that your boy will get over as he matures. My prior female jumped on everything human that was within 5 feet of her until she turned two and decided on her own to stop doing it.

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