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ID:	10312Princess Jewel limps on her right rear leg after she has been sleeping for a good while. We do not know if it has anything to do with the attack on her back in Feb. or not. Th on pit pulled her down by her right rar leg an it h ad the worse gashes. She did not limp before the attack. And she has done 3 weeks of 2 injections and this will be hr 4th and final week of the 2 each week.

When w left there Friday we took her to the little "park" on the lane behind us. It is right next to the pasture whr the hors is that was the buddy of Sir Moose. He was right at that fence under a tree. We took PJ ove to him, but sh paid no attention to him at all. She is like e from her show years.

I took some pictures at the park Friday.Click image for larger version. 

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