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    Hello, I'm a proud Grandpa of Diamond my Daughters Pyreenes Lab mix. She's 18 weeks old, 29 lbs. and update on shots. Dad was a full blood pyreenes, mom was mostly lab, she was a rescue dog. My daughter got Diamond at 6 weeks 3 days old, from the moment they met Diamond has been attached to her like glue. She is a joy to have around, she's teething now. Diamond is already very protective of my daughter, went to my daughters bedroom about week ago to watch them and Diamond stood on the bed and with a commanding tone barked until she realized it was me, so proud of this little girl! I'm not to informed on this mix breed and not sure if this is the right place to find out. Any advise from other Pyreenes lab owners would be appreciated! Also Diamond's hair on her back sticks up about 2 to 3 inches when excited in any way, what causes this?
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    She is a pretty girl and I love the name. We have an adopted Pyr named Jewel. Pyrs bark--a lot. They will let you know if an acorn falls on the roof, a leaf blows by the window. Our last Pyr, Sir Moose, protected us from birds of prey. He would see a hawk, osprey, etc flying around and he would bark til it flew off out of sight. He paid no attention to the cardinals, pigeons, gulls, etc that come into the yard to the feedes just off the patio. But birds of prey were another story. Jewel doesn't bark in reply to other dogs, ignores them when we are out with her. In fact she ignores everything except people when we are out, and we think that is because she had been a show dog. However, here at the house, she runs the trash truck off twice weekly! lets us know if anyone is parked in front of the house, etc. She love's kids, as did our other two Pyrs. Our first two were males, and Jewel, or Princess Jewel as we call her, is female. Our males wre both 7 1/2 when we adopted him, and Princess Jewel was 4 months shy of 10. Being seniors ourselves, we adopt senior dogs.
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