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    Default Possible Albinism in my Pyrenees?

    Hello all, just joined this forum as I am a Great Pyrenees owner with a few questions that I haven’t quite been able to figure out, so I figured I would reach out to some of you guys. We got our Pyrenees (his name is Bishop) in June of 2018. When we were picking him out, we immediately fell in love with his blue eyes and pink nose! (Yes blue eyes and pink nose in a Pyrénées). We got him from a farm where his mother and father were both LGD’s and were both full blooded Great Pyrenees. As the months progressed we noticed his eyes went from blue to green, almost like a Weimeraners eyes do. He began to develop very bad itching problems and we eventually found out he had a fungal infection, so we got him on antibiotics. The antibiotic seem to work very well but when we are done with the prescription after a few weeks, it always seems to come back! As long as he stays on medication he’s fine, but without it it’s like he constantly scratches and has a strong odor to him. Anyways my two questions are 1. Could my dog have a albinism with the pink nose, eyes and gums? Every Pyrenees I’ve ever seen has black eyes, gums and nose. My second question is what is causing this constant fungal infection? Thank you all for your responses!Click image for larger version. 

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    White coated dog with light pigmentation is at a higher risk of health issues, including skin issues.

    If your dog has a strong odor, he is likely suffering from persistent yeast overgrowth. To combat yeast, first you can add some yogurt to his diet. Second, avoid kibbles containing corn, potatoes or sweet potatoes. Yeast feeds on starch and sugar. It would also be a good idea to bathe him at least once a week.

    My guy went through a period of skin issues from yeast overgrowth. I bathed him once a week with tea tree oil shampoo. After the shampoo was rinsed off, I doused him with a diluted apple cider vinegar. I used 1 cup of ACV to a gallen of water and made sure his whole body is rinsed with the diluted ACV and leave it in to dry. I did that weekly for 6 weeks and then continued every other week for a few more baths. That took care of the problem for my pup.

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