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    Default Vibes from stranger

    Our Daisy goes every where with us, in every store also. She is perfect lady well mannered well socialized. Today in a store we frequently go to there was a lady down the isle and Daisy barked at her to protect her mama. Never happened before. I'm thinking this person was not very nice and did not have a good vibe. Never done this before she loves kids and adults of course it is always her choice to be pet. However she did not want this person even close to my wife. What are your thoughts on this.

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    Did that person try to approach or was she minding her own business? if the lady was minding her own business, perhaps she just doesn't like dogs and do not believe dogs belong in stores and thus she was giving off negative feelings. Some people just don't like dogs, and I just try to make sure our dog behaves like a civilized citizen and not get anywhere close to the person's personal space. Similarly, if the person is very allergic to dogs, they would also give out negative feelings. The lady you are talking about could be scared of dogs and your dog could be picking up on the insecurity. There could be other reasons. Not knowing what actually transpired, I cannot opine on why the dog reacted but in general, if my dog were acting up in a store at someone in particular, I would remove my dog away from that person quickly so that my dog would not be disrupting peace in the store.

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