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    Default Discipline in 8 - month old - BARKING for attention/begging , etc..advice needed!

    So I love my dog, obviously. But she's turning 8 months old tomorrow and it's been a little rough times she can be, I hate to say it, a bit of a brat.

    She is very smart and independent and everything is her choice whether to obey. She'll sit and lay over and over if treats are involved but she won't come when called to save her life (literally, she runs into roads if she gets out) and the obedience is pretty spotty with no rewards involved. And every time I train her with treats I don't thinks it helps that aspect of it..if that makes sense.

    I don't have a huge problem with that honestly, I know they are independent dogs and that to be off-leash is a pretty lofty goal with a Pyr.

    My problem is some of the insolent barking. Now, I know Pyrs have guardian instinct and they bark at tons of random noises they hear and that's fine with me, I get it it their instinct. With this kind of barking I either ignore her or thank her or go to the window/door and say "I don't see anything, Toph, I think we're okay, but thanks!"

    It's the other kind of barking that gets me - and I can tell the difference.

    She begs for food with extremely annoying sharp high pitched barking interspersed with whining. I used to occasionally feed her my food as a reward for laying quietly at my feet, to try and reinforce being quiet. I guess my new plan is to just never feed her human food ever again. But for now, she begs by barking and it is very annoying. Is there any point in rewarding her when she is quiet?

    Second, I try to have her sleep in my room at night because I live with many roommates and I have noticed that nighttime barking fits are much more frequent if I let her sleep downstairs, so I lure her to my room every night with treats. She hates it. She'll try to dash out of there when I make a move to close the door.

    I don't get it. Most dogs love sleeping with their owners, right? She'll start doing the "begging barks" to try and get me to let her out. If I do let her out, she barks out in the rest of the house. The room is a bit hot and small and I don't think she likes how it is on the second floor or something. Who knows....

    My question is.

    How can I show her I am alpha?
    How can I get her to stop barking as begging, both for food and to get let out of my room?
    How can I have her be happy to sleep in my room?

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    Ditch the "alpha" theory. it's an outdated theory as it leads people to think they must be tough and forceful - things aren't always black and white like that. In working with animals, the best results come from both give and take, depending on the situation.

    On the high pitched barking. What you need to convey is you disapprove of that kind of bark and she's not going to get what she wants by doing it. So, she needs to have a consequence for that bark. Have you used a spray bottle with her? If not, I would place several spray bottles strategically around the house. When she uses that demand bark, make a sharp sound like "HEY" or "ARG!" and spray in the general direction of her face. No follow up words. Then just walk away if you can and ignore. You can start with plain water. In the vent she likes plain water, add a little bit of vinagar or lemon, but if you do not, make sure you do not spray into her eyes.

    As to sleeping in your room, not all pyrs want to sleep in the same room as their humans. Some prefer to sleep just outside the bedroom door or at a spot where the pyr can see the front and/or the back doors of the house to keep guard. That is their instinct. So it is not a surprise that your girl may prefer to be outside of your room to keep an eye on things. On this issue she does not have a choice and so to me it would simply be a rule regardless of whether she likes it. You can either keep luring her into your room or put a leash on her and take her into your room. Give her a chewy or high value treat only when the door is closed. Do you run a fan in your room for her since you mentioned that it's a bit hot with the door closed?

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