Alright, I've been off for a few years now, since I lost both of my Pyr type puppers. I since swapped over to another breed of beast, South African Boerboel. My stepdaughter was at wits end with a 11 month old pyr pup and was about to "pound" her. So I took Bella in. She is the typical pyr pup so far. Hell, one slice of cheese and we have "sit" and "down" down pat. Something they have not been able to get into her head. She isn't the issue, entirely, Tank will play with her and seems to enjoy her presence, then next morning, growls if they both attempt the stairs together. His short hairs will start up, and the stubby tail will start short rapid "I'm stressing" movements. Yes, I realize they introduction period was short. But he has done this before. Things seem great for days, then he decides "nope, enough of this visiting fool". How can I ease his mind? If he was a Pyr I think I could fix, but he is really difficult to read sometimes. Thanks for any input, if it works. Lol.