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    Unhappy New and looking for help with incontinence?

    I hate to be new and come asking for help, but I'm not sure where else to turn. Our 6 year old indoor, pry/lab mix, Freya, is having some issues with what I think is incontinence while laying down.

    Some history:
    This has sort of always been an issue, but very off and on and brief. She has always tended to be a licker and will clean herself often, frequently getting everything around her all wet (but never to the point of her skin being raw or removing fur). But then we noticed just recently that the few times we have given her a ham bone she'd pee all over the floor (which is very rare, and we considered a treat). After the ham bone the pee is almost as if she doesn't know she's peeing and gets up and walks around. Splattered and such. We obviously stopped those bones altogether and seemed to be better. But just recently she's been laying on soft furniture or the carpet, blankets, anything. And when she gets up its wet. Sometimes alot, sometimes not much at all. But it smells faintly of urine. We took her to the vet and they disregarding the bone issue as just coincidence, although it seems odd for it to always happen. But they said they really weren't sure, maybe hormones, maybe an infection? They gave us multiple pills to try and we will, but I thought maybe I'd ask a group of people who have similar dogs just to see if anyone has had something similar with their pup.

    Sorry for the novel, and thanks in advance for any help. And I will continue to search old threads as I know it can be annoying when people ask the same thing over and over.

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    Is she spayed? Though you mentioned hormones so perhaps she's not spayed. I've read, over the years somewhere, that spayed females can come down with incontinence. The ham bone is probably a very high value treat and in her excitement she's not able to control heself.

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