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    Default Road block

    The only way to get into our kitchen from the Livingroom is between the sofa and my recliner,. And where does Princess Jewel like to sleep? Between the sofa and my recliner! I have no problem working my way around/thru there, but hubby can't. He has had 4 surgeries on his feet since Oct. and has to have one more. As they said, his feet are full of hardware where they straightened his toes, removed huge bunions, etc. So if he needs water, another cup of coffee, I hae to go get it. Oh, I do not step over here with coffee, I stand behind my recliner and hand it to him. Would take a chance on burning our sweet girl.Click image for larger version. 

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    That's too funny. They do love to stay where the action is. My husband and I enjoy Wii bowling, so over the course of a few hours, we are up and down from our seats over and over again. Bear likes to lay at the foot of my recliner. It was reasonable when he was 6 weeks old and 6 lbs. But now he's almost 12 weeks and closer to 20 lbs. He stretches out completely, and I have to nearly do a split to get up and sit down.

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