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    Default Bear received his first injury the other day :-(

    Bear is 11 weeks old now (and growing like a weed!). I was sitting on the back porch with my husband the other day. Bear was with us. We have three cats. Bear loves to play with them, but one of them, Juicy, isn't really interested in being messed with. Bear tried to sniff her and she whacked him with her paw. She's done it before, but this time she must have used a claw. As I walked over to move Bear away, I saw the blood pouring from his ear. I grabbed his ear and clamped down on it. With the blood and the fur, I couldn't tell exactly where it was, and I must have not been on the spot too good. I let go after a few minutes and it started bleeding again. Before I could clamp it again, Bear shook his head. Blood splattered all over my husband and I, the floor, the door, the side of the house and Bear. Between my hands covered in blood and the splatter, it looked like a crime scene.

    I got the ear clamped again good and held for a few minutes. The bleeding stopped. I couldn't find any tear, so it must have been just a hole. And we ended up with a rather pink puppy for the rest of the day.

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    Bless his heart. Apparently ears do bleed pretty bad. In Feb. I was walking our senior Pyr and we were attacked by a pair of pit bulls. One was at her head, and he made a lot of holes in and around her ears and she did a lot of bleeding from those puncture wounds. The other had her back legs and mad gashes and punctures, but they didn't bleed as bad.

    Back in '94 my son got a golden retriever for a duck dog and he was a great hunter, or retriever I should say. The year he was 3, my son ha gotten 99 ducks and with one day left to hunt, he wanted to get over 100. But on the day before the last day, Scooter cut his paw-leg really bad. I guess you would say it was just at or below the ankle. We don't know if he stepped on glass or oyster reef. Ron rushed home with him and we got him in the bathtub to clean it with clean water. It was pouring blood. Got him to the vet and the vet would not stitch it, but bandaged it real heavy. Put him on lots of antibiotics.

    Scooter would always know when Ron was going hunting and his excitant was something to se. Ron knew he couldn't' take Scooter that last day du to the injury and he would not disappoint his much loved "duck hunting buddy" so Ron did not go that last day, did not get his 100+ ducks. When our dogs get injured it really rips at us doesn't it.
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