My daughter is living with me and has a 7 year old Pitt rescue who is a very good dog. My 2 Pyr pups have played with him since they were just a few months old but we are having troubles now that my male Pyr just hit 11 months and is much bigger than the Pitt now who use to be the dominant dog.

They broke into a very aggressive fight for the first time and the Pitt had to get a few stitches. It was a the front door and I was very stressed because my Pyr was running straight at me as he jumped on and tried to stop before he hit me but my tension may have confused him because the Pitt came up to be petted and all of the sudden it was on.

Now the Pitt is very scared and it seems to be getting worse. The tension is highest around the door. I have tried having the Pyr pups sit away from the door when the Pitt comes out and goes in but I just can't seem to always manage them effectively. The Pyr are not being overtly aggressive but they are a bit too big and there being 2 of them is just shutting the Pitt down AND I think leading to another fight.

Any ideas here?

Thank you very very much.