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    Default Can we talk dental care...favorite canine dental chews and toothpaste?

    Do you give your dogs dental chews? Brush their teeth? Any recommended brands of dental chews or toothpaste? At her annual checkup this week, the vet told me that Latte has a little tartar and mild gingivitis. Not enough to need a full cleaning, but she said that I should brush her teeth and remember to give her a dental chew every day.

    Latte doesn't so much mind it when I use the finger toothbrush on her, but she HATES the toothpaste. I have tried a chicken flavor and a mint flavor. She runs and hides from both, so I gave up after a while. I need to give it another try with a different toothpaste. Do any of you successfully brush your dogs' teeth?

    I do give Latte dental chews (Dental Checkups from Costco), but I find them kind of pricey, so I had started giving her 1/2 chew per day instead of the whole chew recommended for her size. I guess I need to go back to a whole chew because this is the first time the vet had pointed out any dental issues. Are there any other brands of dental chews that your dogs love that might be a little more economical? The Dental Checkups are about $12 at Costco (best price I found on them), but the bag only contains 24 chews, so they don't even last a whole month if I give her one per day.


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    I can brush everyone's teeth except Tyro but it happens more like weekly and not daily... I give mine Whimzees since everyone tolerates them and they also get raw bones and carrots. The bones are more rare since they are a high value treat that require everyone be separate except Rona and Skipper. I use activated charcoal powder on mine that hate the toothpaste. It is non-toxic, has beneficial qualities for teeth and they don't seem to mind.

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