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    Default New puppy crate training

    We just brought home our 8 wk old Great Pyrenees puppy, Maci, 5 days ago and started crate training right away. Iíve had one dog, a mutt, before that I got as s puppy and she was very high maintenance. Iím baffled by how easy Maci is so far. Is this normal? She eats, sleeps and plays great with the kids. And sleeps and sleeps. Lol. My question is this, I have been setting an alarm to let her out every three hours at night for house training but last night I slept through my alarm and she went six hours without a peep. Even then I let her out before she even asked to be. Is this normal for the breed? Should she be able to go most of the night without going out at almost 9 was old? This is my first experience with this breed so Iím looking for some advice and guidance. Thank you!

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    I got Max at 11 weeks old and he could sleep 9 hours straight with no problem or potty needs. I am used to aussies, and they always needed to go IMMEDIATELY and urgently upon waking and no later than 7. But Max saunters over to the door like it's no big deal in the morning and will sleep in until 9:30 on weekends if we let him. He drinks lots of water, so I don't really understand his extreme bladder control. He was quick to potty train, too, we just had to convince him the less-used rooms were not acceptable alternatives to the yard in a pinch.

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