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    Default Best brushes and conditioner for Gt Pyr?

    My pups (10 mon old) are ready for brushing as their coats are starting to mat. I don't have any big mats right now but still would like to know if any of y'all have an order to how you wash/brush out a coat that is a bit knotty with young dogs you really want to have a good experience.

    Is there a good conditioner I might apply (or some home made product) that would help me brush them out while their coats are wet? I have thick wavy long hair and it is always much easier to brush it out when it is wet with conditioner than dry so I am thinking there might be something that would do the same for the Gr Pyr coat?

    Also what brush styles work best? I have a bunch of different ones but have never really found what combo worked best for the Gt Pyr coat.

    Thank you!

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    Hi GariGirl!

    Sorry you didn't get a response on this, that's unsual, lol but maybe because it's been asked many times before. Regardless, if you haven't found something that works yet, the three essential tools I used as the owner of a grooming shop for your breed are a slicker, greyhound comb, and an undercoat rake (we really like the paws pamper version, excellent reviews: Anyways, I would use the undercoat rake first to get out a good amount of undercoat. This will allow the shampoo/conditioner to reach the skin better as well. Next, shampoo, rinse, and add conditioner liberally getting to roots (oatmeal, tea tree, or hypoallergenic shampoo). While the conditioner is on, use the slicker and comb to get more loose hair out, it will slide out easier with the conditioner. Finally, rinse thoroughly. Dry using a force dryer if possible or blow dryer while simultaneously brushing out any remaining dead fur. Since the dryer will seperate the hair, you'll be able to see any knots, thick areas, or skin irritations. Finish with a slicker brush and lots of loving

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