Hi, I am new to the group as of today. We are getting our GP puppy(Ghost) in about 2 to 3 weeks. He will be an outside dog. I have built him a dog house to grow into and now I am curious on how big of a fenced area I will need to build for the puppy to be contained in the evenings and during the day while no one is able to be with him till he is trained enough to roam our property.
Background on our puppy is he is one of 12, he is on a farm and has daily interactions with livestock, chickens, ducks, etc. He does roam the area a bit but not to much since he is an a fenced in area. My daughters have had daily interactions with Ghost for the last couple of weeks so he has gotten to know the people he will be spending time with. We do have 2 other dogs but they are inside dogs(tea cup yorkie and Morkie). One question I have on that as well is do we allow the puppy to spend time with the other dogs? I dont want Ghost to learn the bad habits of our inside dogs. But I was thinking that it would be nice for Ghost to be with our current dogs so he doesnt feel alone once he is pulled from his current pack of siblings and Mother.