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    Default Is my Pyr pup too skinny? Should I be able to feel his ribs?

    I just got a 6 week old male Pyr 4 days ago, and I'm trying to learn everything I can about him. He doesn't look skinny, but why would he - he's just a little puffy fur ball right now. His belly looks appropriately puppy plump, but when I pet him, I can feel his ribs. That's where my concern is.

    We tried weighing him on our "people" scale both by himself and then with my husband, subtracting my husband's weight, but I don't think those weights are accurate. By himself said 6 lbs. With my husband it said 3, but there is absolutely no way he weighs 3 lbs. By feel when I hold him, I would believe 6 lbs. We won't be able to get to the vet until next week for an accurate weight.

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    Feeling the ribs is what you want. Seeing the individual ribs is when you need to be concerned.
    If the puppy is eating, drinking, playing, and going potty like a normal puppy, then you really donít have much to worry about.
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